"Cause we had a beautiful magic love affair. What a sad beautiful tragic love affair."

Um, I’d like to take this opportunity to point out to everyone that claims Taylor Swift’s fanbase is exclusively made up of “tweens and teens and young girls” that all I see behind her in this gif set is grown women. Epic.

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The VMAS: A Lot to Look Away From 


Excerpts from the article:

Inside the arena, it seemed as if not paying direct attention was the norm, if the cutaway shots during the show of the famous and bored were any indication – One Direction studiously mute during the brief ‘NSync reunion, Drake averting his eyes as Miley Cyrus twerked, Rihanna barely moving her head for anyone.

An award show celebrating music videos that are almost never aired on MTV, it is the final thread connecting the MTV of Snooki and “Teen Mom” to its roots – this was the 30th annual installment of the extravaganza. At this point, it serves largely as an implicit rejoinder to the Grammys, a place where the kids can play safely without fear of Adele stealing their lunch money and Moonman statues.

Given that, it should at minimum be both disturbingly loose, and also reflective of pop’s true tidal waves. 

Mr. Timberlake was on trend in way, though: This was a banner year for clumsy white appropriation of black culture — the shambolic, trickster-esque performance by Ms. Cyrus, to whom no one has apparently said “no” for the last six months or so; the ubiquity of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the clumsy and intensely popular hip-hop duo, who were recipients of three awards, including best hip-hop video. They also performed “Same Love,” their gay rights anthem, with the singer Mary Lambert, though when Jennifer Hudson emerged to duet the last part of the song with Ms. Lambert, it felt like a sort of apologetic compensation for the night’s whitewash. 

When The New York Times runs articles like this, now you KNOW…

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The Family B-Roll: Dianna Agron

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Hermione Granger not taking people’s bullshit

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Schusev State Museum of Architecture

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A lot of people are pissed off about this or that during the VMAs… It’s way more upsetting to have people comment on maybe a moment of pettiness, immaturity, or hyper-sexuality for hours and hours and hours. The desire to tear people down constantly and the feeling of entitlement to do so says more about our society than so and so’s actions.

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that's what she said.

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